Free tools you can use

Here are some things that are mentioned in My Zoom Call with Andre that you might find useful in your personal development.


Andre describes how he was given a deck of cards after Len Bakerloo’s show at the 2016 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. This was a standard deck of playing cards with questions on them.

Download these card images formatted for A4 paper here and Letter Size paper here.

Smartphone App

Andy Gilbert, who plays Andre, has created a free Thinking For Good mobile app that contains questions from his pack of coaching cards plus plenty of tips and tools to help you solve problems, plan goals and support you to Go Make A Difference. There is free audio coaching support from Andy. Enjoy having more light bulb moments!

Click here to download the app to your phone


Although in the movie, Leonard talks about finding a passion, Andy Gilbert (Andre) has written a book about how to do it it.

Download the free PDF book here.

Call to Action

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