Jane is not looking forward to her Zoom call with Henry, an old lover she’s tried hard to forget. Henry is late and Jane ends up talking to Henry’s boss, Andre, who asks questions that change her life.

A cross between When Harry Met Sally and My Dinner with Andre, this film asks, “What do you do when the part you have to play is you?”

Treat it like a game rather than merely a movie. As you watch, look for mistakes, identify favorite lines of dialogue and – most importantly – keep track of insightful moments that might apply to your life.

When you are done, go to the Moments tab and review what others found in the movie and then contribute your insights. Also submit errors you found to Goofs, favorite lines to Quotes and any factual tidbits about the movie or the people involved to Trivia.

2021 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

My Zoom Call with Andre was first released at the 2021 Edinburgh Festival Fringe as part to PBH’s Free Virtual Fringe