Share your moments

In the film, Andre defines a “light bulb moment” as “a moment of clarity, a new idea, or a sudden realization.”

It is often a good idea to gather one’s thoughts before answering a question, committing to a course of action or even trusting one’s feelings. This is an old idea, but in the film Jane’s light bulb moment comes when she realizes that this idea, first expressed to her by her grandfather, doesn’t just apply to him but to her too.

To be clear, as defined here, a light bulb moment does not need to be new to anyone but you. It can even be a new, sudden remembrance of an old forgotten light bulb moment.

Won’t you share the light bulb moments you had while watching this film or that you’ve had since?

Please read this list before submitting your light bulb moment so as to avoid duplicates. You might have a light bulb moment while reading this list even if you didn’t have it when first watching the movie. That still counts and we’d like to hear about it.

Well done – what an interesting presentation! This system values a formal degree education and the status of authority and fame above qualities such as kindness, enthusiasm, genuineness, empathy, curiosity and a desire to serve others. The human race is missing out on so much and your feature confirmed for me today that my decision not to conform with its broken ideology totally works for me. 🙂

Although My Zoom Call with Andre and My Dinner with Andre both could have been plays, they were both shot as full-length movies. If movies are now acceptable at the on-line Fringe then hasn’t it also become a film festival.

Like Jane, I often agonize over decisions and will put them off until the last possible moment. Instead, if I set a date on which I will decide and commit to not deciding early. That moratorium makes me less anxious, and that gives me the energy to gather information and look for alternatives. I can’t explain how I got to be as old as I am without having thought of that before. Good life hack from a movie!

It occurred to me while watching this movie that having a light bulb moment and then forgetting about it is like parking my car and then forgetting where I left it. And, not caring about forgotten light bulb moments is like not caring that I can’t find my car.

Cars are valuable, and so are insights. That led to another light bulb moment: I should keep track of all my valuables and write down my light bulb moments in a notebook. Then, all I have to remember is where I put the notebook.

I am trained as a writer and so my initial reaction to the conversation between Jane and Andre was “show, don’t tell.” But, then I realized what was being shown was an example of what a coaching session might look like.

This made me realize how often I expect people to guess my feelings and what I’m thinking by my behavior and by mood alone. I’m reminded of what my mom used to say, “I’m not a mind reader. Use your words.” It occurs to me that I could do a lot more of that now that I am an adult.